LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds v. Michigan State Spartans 03.16.2012

The big night finally came, Friday March 16th, 2012, the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds versus the Michigan State Spartans in the Division I game with 16th seed LIU Brooklyn facing 1st seed Michigan State, the #4 team in the country. With a great sized group of fans making the trek from Brooklyn to Columbus, Ohio for the game, the team was greeted in the hotel lobby with fanfare before boarding the bus for Nationwide Arena. The outcome of the game aside, I was seriously impressed by the Blackbirds showing against a much bigger Michigan State. They came out strong and let everyone know just who they were and that they weren't going to back down. With a very exciting first half, they held held up strong and didn't let up. Michigan State began to pull away in the second half, but the boys from Brooklyn never slowed down, fighting hard right up until the end. I watched with pride and hope that they left that game feeling the same. They should feel proud.

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