A Slight Twist in the Plan

Sorry for the delay in finishing up the posts from the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds trip to Ohio. I can explain...

The week had been going great, the team was having a good time leading up to Friday night's game against Michigan State and enjoying their time in Columbus, Ohio. I was having a great time traveling with the team and getting some great pictures of them off the court. Everyone was pretty excited heading into Friday. After breakfast Friday we headed to Ohio State University for game day practice before their late night meeting with the Spartans. All was going well, the bus ride was relaxed with a bit of playfulness among teammates. We arrived at OSU and there was a band of rogue ninjas waiting! I fought them all off single-handedly and saved the team from imminent doom, but suffered an injury to my ankle in the process. Ok, so I actually took a bad step off the bus onto a rounded curb and ended up spraining my ankle and tearing the ligaments in my ankle and foot, but if you're going to retell the story, please go with the ninja version! After a little TLC from the maestro, Athletic Trainer Danny O'Connor, I was wrapped and iced and back to work Friday night for the game. Unfortunately, I pushed the ankle a bit hard in the last two days in Ohio and was useless and laid up for a bit when I got back, hence the delay. So here it is...the remainder of the Road to Ohio! Thanks for playing along.

Next up, the big game!

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