A Quick Recap, in Case You Missed It...

Ok, so last Wednesday I got to watch the defending Northeast Conference champs, the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, defend their title against Robert Morris University in front of a sellout home crowd at LIU. The Blackbirds took the title for a second year in a row with a 90-73 win over Robert Morris, and secure themselves a spot in the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament in Ohio. It was a hell of a game with LIU coming out strong and keeping RMU on their toes the whole game.

After shooting their run at the NEC Championship last year, but unable to go with the team to the NCAA Tournament in North Carolina, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to travel with the team to Ohio this year. Their first game is against Michigan State on Friday night, It'll be on TBS about 9:20 if you want to catch it. Until then I will be posting some photos from the week here in Columbus and a full gallery over the weekend. So check back here for more...

Junior C.J. Garner in the NEC Championship game against Robert Morris.

Junior Jamal Olasewere with a slam dunk in the NEC Championship game against Robert Morris.

The team and fans rush the floor to celebrate their victory.

LIU Brooklyn Head Coach Jim Ferry cuts a piece of the net after the game.

Jamal Olasewere, left, and Julian Boyd got big heads after their victory.

Junior Jamal Olasewere takes a minute with the championship trophy in the locker room.

Junior Kenny Onyechi with the NEC Championship trophy in the locker room.

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