4.25.2010 Tokyo, Japan - Tomoko & Kohei's Wedding

So here it is, the wedding that took me all the way to Japan for this trip. My friend Tomoko's wedding to Kohei Ito. The wedding was great, a western style wedding held in Akasaka, one of the business districts in Tokyo. Tomoko was beautiful and Kohei, who I was meeting for the first time, looked very regal. I couldn't understand most of the ceremony or proceedings at the reception, but had a great time anyway! To see more photos click on the pictures below, or go to archive.mikemclaughlin.com

Tomoko and her mother.

Kohei & Tomoko.

Tomoko & Kohei's toast.

Tomoko's sister Keiko, friend Kamasan, and her parents.

Kohei & Tomoko at the reception.

Tomoko's cheerleading squad joined in and did a routine for the after party.

Kamasan and Izumisan at the after party.

Jim and Kamasan (left) and Tomoko's family, Mom and Uncle on the right, sister, cousins, etc. at the after-after party.

All Photos ©2010 Mike Mclaughlin/All Rights Reserved www.mikemclaughlin.com

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